Monthly Share

Monthly Share


June - October (5 months). Choose between a small, medium, and large share.  Monthly shares are pick up only. 

  • Pick Up Locations

    3 locations every month, for 5 months. Visit the Pick Up page for more details.

    • Grama Grass & Livestock HQ
    • Treehouse Farm Collective
    • Ollin Farms Farm Stand
  • Cuts to Expect

    You should expect to receive parts of the whole animal. About 45% of your share will be ground beef, about 17.5% will be steaks, about 37.5% will be roasts and about 2.5% will be organs and bones.

  • Beef Per Share

    Small Share: 5 lbs of meat per month  $12.50 per pound of meat

    Medium Share: 10 lbs of meat per month $12.00 per pound of meat.

    Large Share: 20 lbs of meat per month $11.50 per pound of meat.